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film fridays

I took my film camera to Joey’s last extended EEG. The windows/view on the epilepsy floor(10th) are so amazing…

Each time, we play the same game…find the ‘Ohio’ water tower…

found it!

This last time, we had to sleep deprive him to make sure we got a good seizure read the next day, so he got to stay up late and play wii.
We will be leaving again for surgery, and this time, I am going to let *him* take the pictures with my film camera while I take the pictures with my digi. I look forward to seeing his perspective during this time. And if you can, please pray for him, and us. <3 He turned 10 yesterday. :)

Nikon n80 35mm/Kodak Tri-X 400 rated at 1600 and pushed 2 stops/developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab
Now continue through the circle by visiting my very talented friend Stacy Alderfer.


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  1. karyn says:

    oh heidi…these are so moving, no words can express the love that I feel in these…the power of an image never ceases to amaze me…prayers and hugs for him, you and your family. Happy belated bday to him too!!

  2. Jayme says:

    Praying for your sweet boy and your family Heidi. You’ve captured this time with such authenticity. I would love to see the images your son takes of this time. Hugs my friend.

  3. Stacy says:

    What powerful, beautiful images, Heidi! We will certainly keep you all in our prayers. I’m so sorry you’re going through all this; may God give you grace and strength every moment of every day.

  4. jessican says:

    Oh I just love these soo soo much. That last one is just awesome. <3 I hope you guys get some good answers and he can get better real soon.

  5. JennyO says:

    Oh Heidi, I’ll echo what everyone else has said, these are powerful images. Prayers to you and your family and also belated happy birthday to your son.

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