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This is Paul during an interview with me, about his publishing company, “Paul Encounters.” He writes and self publishes books(with a self drawn seal and all) about pirating, and the big laugh is when I inquired about possible princess books in the future.



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Nikon n80/Fuji 400h/developed and scanned at Indie Film lab, straight scans.
Now continue through the circle by visiting my very talented friend Jennifer Warthan.


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  1. Stacy says:

    Oh just absolutely precious. I love your portrait work, Heidi!

  2. jessican says:

    These are just adorable. I love this concept and this series. So so cute. Gorgeous tones too.

  3. JennyO says:

    Ah, how special to have an author and a publisher in the house. Lovely captures as always Heidi!

  4. Hee! Love that big grin!!!

    These are so amazing in their simplicity. Love them.

  5. karyn says:

    wow, wow, wow! so impressed by him. I love how you captured him on film too…so simple and beautiful.

  6. Katiusca says:

    I would love to read his books! He is so adorable!

  7. Love these, Heidi! The colors are so perfect, and the setup so simple. Did you use seamless? If yes, what color?
    Enjoyed your “life lately” post, too. I am so inspired by your work!

    • Heidi says: (Author)

      Thank you Sarah! Yes, seamless. :) I used white here-I only have white and thunder gray, but they seem to take on diff shades depending. :) Girl, what a compliment-I am so very inspired by your work too! <3

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